Test DPC User Guide

Test DPC User Guide : Test DPC is an application which aids the Developers to examine their apps, manage policies as a device owner or in a managed profile. however, we are going to discuss about Test dpc User guide. How you can control or test your applications using this test dpc. These information will be helpful to everyone. 

Test DPC User Guide

Test DPC User Guide
Download Test dpc and test all your applications easily

Download Test DPC app and follow the User Guide, It helps as a Sample Device Policy Controller as well as an application tester to regulate the APIs accessible for Android enterprises. This app runs only on the devices having Android Version 5.0 Lollipop or higher Versions.

So now let’s begin with the Test DPC User Guide.  There are different methods of provisioning, let’s have a look at few methods.

QR Code Provisioning

  • The first step for test dpc user guide is that you need to do is Factory Reset your Android Device and hit 6 times on the welcome screen in the setup wizard.
  • After following the first step the setup wizard will prompt you to connect to the internet. After connecting to the internet, it will download a QR code reader.
  • Modify it if you need to and then scan the QR Code from the given Link in the bracket (http://down-box.appspot.com/qr/nQB0tw7b).
  • After the above step, you just need to follow the instructions which will be prompted you on the screen itself.

ADB Command

  • You just need to follow the given command in this method
  • adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.afwsamples.testdpc/.DeviceAdminReceiver

NFC Provisioning

  1. The method of NFC Provisioning is used for “Device Owner” provisioning.
  2.  In this method, you will have to push the nfcprovisioning.txt file into your Android device: adb push nfcprovisioning.txt /sdcard/
  3.  After pushing the file in your android device, open the NFC Provisioning app and make it sure that com.afwsamples.testdpc is auto-populated.
  4. And now bump the devices and touch to beam.
  5. And now follow the onscreen instructions on the target Android device.

The easiest way to create a Profile is that you just need to Launch the Test DPC app and follow the very simple onscreen instructions on your Android Device.

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